A gorilla safari is ranked among the best wildlife adventures in Africa but is also regarded as one of the most expensive trips given the cost of a single gorilla permit. Bwindi impenetrable forest and Virunga ranges are home to over 880 mountain gorillas comprising some of the most visited parks in East Africa shared by Uganda, Rwanda & Congo but each country has different price for a permit and that makes the whole difference when it comes to choosing which country to do a gorilla trekking adventure.

permit picture A Rwandan permit is the most expensive costing US$ 750 per person while Uganda comes in second with US$ 600 per person finishing up with cheap US$ 450 gorilla permit in Congo. But during the low seaon months of April, May and November, a permit in Uganda only costs US$ 450 per person , an initiative started a few years back by Uganda Wildlife Authority as a way to attract tourists to the country even during the rainy months that make safaris uncondusive.

The discounted gorilla permits can be purhased online through a travel agency or by visiting the UWA offices situated in Kamwokya, Kampala just a few meters from the Uganda musuem. If you are traveling on fixed budget but still want to see the gorillas, then April, May and November are the best months to do a gorilla safari in Uganda.

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