It is a mid range accommodation, high up on a ridge overlooking Lake Bunyonyi in extensive gardens that offers clear views of the 26 islands. It is a renowned cottage for excellent hospitality nested on one of the most ideal stopover places (Kabale) to Bwindi impenetrable national park to enjoy the gorilla trekking expedition. The rooms are built for comfort and serenity, being self contained and providing a lovely view and a cool cold breeze from the lake. All their rooms are equipped with a provision of computer and internet accessibility to keep they guests in touch with they loved ones. The rooms are arranged around a central lodge building where you can eat food form the restaurant or enjoy a truly outstanding view of the lake as well as sip a glass of your favorite drink from the fully stocked bar. There is a motor that can take you around the lake and its islands.

To book a room at Arcadia cottages Kabale, email us at or call us on +256758540071/ +256785231603.