Found on a hill just outside Kidepo valley national park with stunning views from the majestic Morungole Mountains to the impressive Narus valley and the savannah plains of the beautiful park. Despite of the fact that Kidepo is isolated, Nga’moru wilderness camp is the only mid-range accommodation that suits our moderate guests along an upper market plus budget bandas that are managed by UWA where travelers bring they own food that is handed to the chef. It is a comfortable, and affordable making your stay incredible as you explore one of the best parks in Uganda.

While at Nga’moru, you cant miss out on a community walk to a Karamoja clan and see a native of Karamoja manyatta and learn about their culture. The facility offering a number of rooms as well as tented facilities are available in a good ambiance. There cabanas are 2 each with private unique and exclusive view of the stunning Kidepo. At Nga’moru you will feel you are the only person in the park because there are no crowds thus you are ensured of solidarity. You will see more wildlife than people. There is provision of breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will be surprised as to what you can be served in the wilderness.

To inquire or book a room at Nga’ Moru wilderness camp, email us at or call us on +256758540071/ +256785231603.