Kampala is the main, largest, capital city of Uganda and it covers a total area of 189sq.km. Kampala city was originally built on 7 hills but as its size has increased, it has expended to more than 7 hills. It has 5 divisions that are Kampala central division, Nakawa, Makindye, Rubaga, and Kawempe.  It has a tropical rainforest climate and has been named as the best city to live in East Africa with amazing attractions like the Gadaffi Mosque; Uganda’s only sky scrapper, where you will enjoy spectacular views of the city, the National theatre, Uganda Museum, Owino market, Independence Monument, the Bahai house of worship. Also visit the Lubiri palace to experience a rich history of the kingdom through its palace, parliament, and court of justice. You will get the inside scoop on the kings that ruled Buganda, one of whom become the first president and one who killed Uganda martyrs for turning to Christianity then pass by the artificial lake called the Kabaka lake and the Kasubi tombs were the Buganda kings are buried.

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