Kapchorwa is located in the Eastern region of Uganda covering a total area of 354.6sq.km. It is bordered by Kween district to the northeast and east, Sironko district to the south, Bulambuli to the west and North West. Mbale is the largest nearest town to Kapchorwa. ‘Kapchorwa’ means the home of friends and became district on 1st February 1962 shortly before Uganda gained its independence. Kapchorwa district is home to mainly the Kalenjin people including the sub groups of Sabiny, Pokot, and Nandi. The major tourist attractions here are the 3 sparkling waterfalls of known as Sipi waterfall. Kapchorwa is approximately 295km by road, North West of Kampala the capital and largest city of Uganda and this will take about 5-6 hours.

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