Uganda features excellent collection of wildlife in various national parks and reserves. The wildlife featured in the Uganda’s most protected areas has an approximate of over 330 mammal species. Enjoy a wealth of invertebrate life which is approximately of more than 100,000 species that have recently been identified countrywide and multiple numbers of butterfly species.

Enjoy a unique tour in Uganda to the numerous wildlife protected areas where animals and nature are in absolute concord. Book a Uganda wildlife trip with tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris you be sure of life time memories in Uganda.

Best Game Viewing Destination in Uganda.

  • Queen Elizabeth National- Mweya Peninsula:

    this is the best variety of place to stay while in Queen Elizabeth National Park. A lot of wildlife roams through here, so you genuinely need to be careful at night if you are walking to /from the campsite. You can also spot a lot of wildlife along the river , generally it’s a great place to hangout during day for better game viewi

  • Murchison Falls National Park – Buligi Area:

    pretty much of all the wildlife watching happens in the Buligi area on the point between the Albert and Victoria Nile. Just about all residents of the park can be seen on the Albert, Queen’s and Victoria track and the chance of spotting the lions and leopards are quite good.

  • Kidepo Valley National Park- Naru Valley:

    the Naru valley is the best spot in the Kidepo where you will find the tree climbing lions. the valley is also popular for the borassus palm forest and the kanangorok hot springs by the usually dry Kidepo river

  • Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park:

    Popularly it is all about gorilla experience but there is so much to Bwindi, the park enjoy a number of wildlife although the sightseeing is less due to the dense forest. Lucky visitors might see the forest elephants, chimpanzees, l’hoest monkeys, bushbucks, African golden cats and the rare giant forest hogs.

  • Lake Mburo National park:

    This is the only place in the southern Uganda to view the Zebras. Lake Mburo National is also the only park in Uganda with the Impalas , slender mongoose and the giant bush rats.

  • Ziwa Rhino sanctuary:

    Enjoy an amazing moment at the only Rhino sanctuary in Uganda. Your guide will lead you up close to the surviving white Rhinos of Uganda. Other animals living inside the two meter electric fence include the bushbucks, oribi and the vervet monkeys.

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