Top Ways To Get Around Uganda

Uganda is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations endowed with numerous tourist attractions that are spread across all corners of the country and getting there can be quite hectic if you do have the proper means. Getting where you are going safely , comfortable and on time is very crucial to a successful road trip.

There a number of ways to explore Uganda with private means most preferable by the tourists and public favored by the locals.

1 – Rent A Car – Go online or visit a car rental agency office and book yourself a private rental car. Whether you require the car with a driver or prefer self drive, there is always a car available for you based on your budget and number of days you wish to use it. Most rentals are based on unlimited mileage so you drive anywhere you want as long as it is in Uganda.

2 – Book A Private Taxi Cab– The busy streets of Kampala city are home to taxi cabs which you can book using a phone app or in person. This is another private way of exploring the country though limited to just place to place drop off and no more than that.

3 – Board A Public Taxi – The most common way of traveling around the city or any other part in Uganda for that matter is by use of the popular mini van taxis. You can board one at the park or along the street as they keep stopping to drop off or pick-up a passenger. They may be uncomfortable and unreliable but the cheapest way to get around.

4 – Hop on a Boda Boda – The motorcycle means are the fastest but most risky way of exploring any destination in Uganda but thank GOD for the safe boda & uber who have made more boda boda trips safe and more comfortable. You dont have to worry about getting stuck in the jam or not reaching the exact location when you are on a boda.

5- By Foot – You can explore the city or any other place in Uganda by foot, Ugandans are naturally friendly people who will be more than glad to guide you to any place incase you get lost. Walking can be affected by weather condition or political atmosphere ; so be careful if you choose to use this option.

The above 5 ways will help you make the right decision if you plan on visiting Uganda , other wise renting a car is a way much better option most especially for tourists.

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