What Makes Bwindi Forest A Top Safari Destination In Africa

Bwindi Impenetrable forest is one of the most ancient rain forests in Africa listed among the most amazing heritage sites you have to visit when in Uganda. Bwindi is a local Bantu word that means impenetrable explaining the reason behind the park’s name, it might be home to over half the world’s population of last surviving mountain gorillas which attracts hundreds of foreign tourists yearly but the park is more than just about gorilla trekking escapades . There are plenty of other interesting activities to enjoy as explained below.
Gorilla Tracking  – This is by far the most popular activity to do when in the park, the chance to come to come eye to eye with these giant apes has been ranked among Africa’s best wildlife experiences. The forest is home to over 10 gorilla families ensuring you meet them no matter the weather and time.  The treks are very longs and strenuous depending on the location of the gorillas and tracking point you began from usually lasting up to 5 hours but the encounter makes the whole trip worthwhile. You will be led in the jungles by UWA guides and potters and once in the primates’ mist, you only have 1 hour to take pictures and observe them as they feed, interact and roam in the wild.
Mountain Hiking – Not into primate tracking, you could always try out mountain climbing and test your fitness and endurance level.  Bwindi forest is blessed with an exciting array of high landscapes offering opportunities to do some hiking as you explore the park. If you are interested in this activity, you should consider packing hiking gear but its much cheaper to rent with the company you are travelling with.
Nature walks – Embark on a guided forest walk for a chance to learn about plant, wildlife and bird species  within the park. The forest is home to over 1000 plant species, 163 tree species, 348bird species  and 120 species of mammals including primates and other forest dwellers  making it the perfect safari destination for nature lovers. Traverse the rain forests on foot in guidance of UWA personnel ready to tell you all about these various species.
Community visits– All cultural enthusiasts will have fun time visiting the famous pygmy tribe of the Batwa who inhabit the slopes of the forests. Visit their homesteads and indulge in there day to day activities including fruit gathering, hunting as story telling, you will definitely have a memorable cultural experience in this place.
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